Why are guys in London so much into escorts?

I have just moved over from the US to the UK to work on a special project for about two years. I have been in London before but I must say that there are many things which I don’t know about London. For instance, I did not know that London is a real mecca for adult entertainment and fun. You can even attend sex parties in London and many of the party groups have their own websites. I have seen some really sexy escorts since I have been here as well, and even the girls at Shoreditch escorts in https://charlotteaction.org/shoreditch-escorts look hot.


When I was back in the US. I thought about dating escorts, but for some reason, I never got around to it. However, speaking to the guys that I work with at the IT company, it is clear that many of them are into dating escorts. I have thought about calling Shoreditch escorts a couple of times, but the time has not been right. Something else have come up, and I have forgotten about the idea.


Have I tried dating regular girls in London? Yes, I have but I find them very different from American girls. Many of the like to go to the pub, and you simply would not get that back in the US. I have actually met girls here in London who drink pints and are secret pool hustlers. What do I make out of that? I am not sure really but I do think that some of the English girls that I have met are not very girlie.  That gives me another good reason for calling Shoreditch escorts.


This weekend I am not up to anything special and I think that I may just give the girl at Shoreditch escorts a call. I have been going through the website one girl at a time, and there are some hot females on that website. The girls offer all sort of things and I have to say that I am not familiar with them at all. I do however know what GFE is so I guess that one of the first things I will be doing is to ask for a GFE date. That would probably be all I can handle for the time being.


Checking out the site, I have also noticed that a few of the girls who work for Shoreditch escorts are from abroad. I have not dated a lot of foreign girls and I would love to have a go, The guys I have met so far keep telling me that Russian and Polish escorts are really hot. I would just love to hook up with them, and see what they are look. They look really fresh and hot. But then again, perhaps I should hook  up with some of the Scandi girls. From what I understand they are the ultimate dates and it could be worth seeking out their company for some adult fun. I would love to go back to the US bragging that I have been out on a date with a Swedish girl.

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