Sex on TV – is there too much of it?

Surrey escorts are complaining that there is too much sex on TV, and I am beginning to think they are right. It is not only television programs themselves, it is the advert as well. I keep wondering if there should be some kind of certificate systems to classify adverts.

Many of us would probably agree with Surrey escorts, and say that both adults and families are exposed to too much sex to day. Surrey escorts say that it seems to be everywhere, and companies are always trying to use a sexual lure to sell us something. Of course, it isn’t just regular TV such as BBC and ITV that seemed to be getting sexier. Surrey escorts are quick to point out that many other channels such as MTV watched by many children or adolescents, show some very sexy videos. Sex on BBC might sound strange but Surrey escorts are asking if this is actually what we pay our license fee for? They have a valid point.

Sex on TV

MTV has always been known for its sexy music videos, in the late 90’s and early 2000 many Surrey escorts were even featured in these videos but recently some of the videos that I have seen, have been more like porn movies than actual music videos. Considering the average age of the viewer of MTV is about 12, should they not show some constraint.

MTV are quick to claim that it isn’t up to them, and they are just showing the music videos that the production companies send to them. Be that as it may, it hardly seems right that companies should be promoting their artists and their music by using more or less pornographic videos. I am one of those parents who is very reluctant to let my 12 year old watch MTV.

Whatever happened to the watershed?

Even the simplest programs seem to be sexy these days say Surrey escorts. We were watching the One Show the other day as a family, and the female presenter was wearing a skirt so short that it didn’t leave a lot up to the imagination. Do presenter really need to dress like this, and what happened to the nice suits that BBC presenters always used to wear?

As a matter of fact, I am not so sure when the watershed ends now. It seems that you can switch on the TV any time to find a scantly clad presenter strutting her stuff. Even Fiona Bruce on the Antique’s Road Show was sporting a very low cut cleavage, obviously along with the most recent technology available in the uplift bra industry.

Even good old Marks and Spencer are putting on raunchy Christmas or lingerie adverts. What have gone wrong with the world, and does everything have to be about sex? dispute Surrey escorts Most advertisers probably know that sex sells, and it could also be a cheap and effective advertising tool for them. At the end of the day, you don’t have to put a lot of money into an advert if you can just put the cleavage in the right place so to speak.

Sex on TV is sure to increase in the future, and I keep thinking that we should all join Surrey escorts in their campaign. If you see something which is too raunchy on BBC, you should write in and tell them. At the end of the day we are all BBC license payers and should have some control over the content offered by this organisation.

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