Saucy me

Would you like to enjoy a date with a difference tonight? In that I suggest you give me a call here at Putney escorts. I am one of the hottest girls you can find at Putney escorts services, and not only that, I love turning a date into a really saucy experience. Until you have enjoyed a date with me at the escort agency in Putney, you really don’t know what dating is all about. However, if you want to have a “normal” date, I am sure we can help as well.

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But, I have to say that I am not going to be the girl who takes you on that normal date. Oh no, I will leave that up to one of my friends at Putney escorts. You see, us girls here at the escort agency in Putney, all have different roles to play. That is right. Sometimes we like to play, and we of often play with each other. I am not sure that I have ever heard of a gent who does not like to play, but there is bound to be one out there somewhere. Perhaps the best thing for me is to say, that if you like to play, check out one of our exciting dating options.

We offer more than one dating option here at Putney escorts. For instance, you may just want to meet a couple of our exciting duo dating escorts. They can be a little bit on the naughty side, and I have to be honest, unless you have had previous experience of girls who like to play, perhaps you should be a little bit careful when it comes to duo dating. If you have not dated escorts before, this may not be the best dating option for you at all. I would suggest you try a couple of personal dates before you start duo dating.

The other night, my boyfriend told me off when I wanted to get a little bit more adventurous in bed. You see, I had bought this new fun toy I wanted to play with. It is called a strap- on, and I noticed, that it gives the best prostate massages. From what I understand, prostate massages are good for you, and I was desperate to improve my boyfriend’s prostate health. But, as soon as I showed him my new toy, he said that I was being too saucy. I know that I am saucy but I cannot see the problem with that.

Tell me, do enjoy being saucy? In that case, you have found the escort agency in London. Sure, many other London escort services will claim that they are as saucy as Putney escorts, but I doubt that. I would say that you would really struggle to find an escort agency which has so many saucy girls as Putney escorts. From what I have seen, there are plenty of escort services available in London, but I would say that they are not as saucy as us girls here at Putney escort services. So, if you would like to enjoy a date with some extra sauce, get in touch and I will show you how I prepare my sauce…

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