My Erotic Moment

I never thought that Jim would turn out to be some sort of sexual dynamo, but I could not be have been more wrong. There was little wonder that I turned up looking tired for my London escorts shift after a date with Jim. He loved to have sex from dawn to dusk, and I think that most girls at charlotte escorts would have had a hard time keeping up with him. I certainly did and I realised that our relationship was going to be based mainly on sex after we had been going out for about five weeks. I mean all we did was have consensual hot passionate sex. Jim was the most “creative” man that I had ever met.

One minute I was over the bonnet on his nice sports car, and the next minute I find myself in a luxury hotel in London having champagne poured between my breasts with jim licking it off. I did mind at all and I often shared my adventures with the girls at London escorts.

Sometimes they just sat there open mouthed and could not believe what they were hearing. I am sure that most London escorts could do with a boyfriend like Jim from time to time.But, Jim was not just interested in making love in London. This man clearly wanted to broaden his horizons, and when I took a holiday from London escorts that year, I found myself on a plane to Las Vegas with Jim. He wanted to check out an adult convention in Las Vegas. I had never been Vegas, and I figured that it would not do my London escorts career any harm at all, so I was happy to come along on this all expenses sexy trip to Vegas.

Jim had booked us in at the same hotel were the adult convention was going to take place. It was clear that the hotel management was aware that we were convention goers as a goodie bag full of sex toys were waiting for us in our suite. I did have some sex toys but I think that even the most experienced girl from London escorts would have been overwhelmed by the site of so many different toys. I had not told Jim that I was about sex toys, and was desperate to try them. You never know when you are going to find the ultimate sex toy like I said to Jim. What was Las Vegas like?

Well, we did manage to get out of the hotel room, but I did enjoy playing with my toys. Not only that, but we did manage to have sex in some of the most exciting in Vegas, It was great but I did think that the American attitude to porn was kind of sleazy.

However, we did not spend too much time at the convention. You can have so much fun in Vegas as an adult, and I am pretty sure that both Jim and I would like to come back for more. We even managed to get all of those sex toys back to the UK without Customs and Excise looking in our bags.

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