Me Jane you Tarzan

It is good for us to play at our fantasies but some fantasies really are extreme. Tarzan and Jane may seem like a normal fantasy to most people but I did not know that Tarzan and Jane was into bondage. The fact is that this is one of the most common fantasies that London escorts are expected to act out, and Louloy from London escorts services tells me that this is only one of the version of this common fantasy. I thought it sounded quite funny so I decided to explore things a bit further with other London escorts from other agencies.

Tina who works for another London escorts service, says that she has also been asked to act out this fantasy. The setting was somewhat different and it was one of her best dates. This gents who arranged the date through London escorts services certainly took his play acting to the extreme. He had an entire room dedicated to his fantasy, and it was the best outcall Tina has ever enjoyed. Well, she says, I did have a date who took me on a cruise once but this was really different. I would love to go back but this gent likes to meet a new Jane every time to make the experience more real.

Tina from London escorts services have been on all sorts of date. She says it is seldom that you come across that so many London escorts talk about afterwards but this was one of those. The gent lived in a home outside London so she was collected in a private car. Once she entered the home, she was show upstairs and asked to dress in standard Jane attire by a butler. The same butler than showed her down to the Orangery which has been converted to a jungle paradise.

At first Tina was like all other London escorts a bit anxious about the date. it was after all a very unusual scenario for most London escorts but she soon got into the swing of things. She walked through the jungle to a pond which had been made to look like a jungle pool. By the pool stood two tall trees and in the hut in the trees her Tarzan was waiting for her. She had to climb up and she was treated to a night in the jungle with Tarzan and his friend Cheetah. Over the next 12 hours they walked through the jungle together and explored all sort of things.

Tina smiles as she speaks of the date and she says it was great. It was just like being in the jungle and a children’s playground at the same time. Her big dream would be to go back and play in this jungle paradise as again. As a matter of fact, she says the experience had a very profound effect on her and she is now rather interested in plants. The many different species of plants in this Orangery was fantastic she says.

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