London on the Alternatively Sexed

Why do we hate the alternatively sexed? The recent massacre in Orlando really shocked me, says Vera from London. I am so glad that the London gay community came out in support of them as it is important to show solidarity in times like this. Many of the gays that I have spoken to in London, think that the same thing could easily happen in London. I know from my personal sources that security at many gay clubs in London have now been increased and that is really good news. According to London escorts of


I am personally not gay or lesbian, but I have many good friends who are gay, lesbian or even transgender here in London. There is nothing wrong with that at all and I cannot see what the big deal is at all. However, it is clear that many people do instinctively hate these people but I cannot see why anybody should feel that. Most of the girls here at London have friends who are into an alternative lifestyle and it does not worry them at all. After all, none of these people interfere with their lives, so why should my girls interfere with them?


A few years ago, it was a big deal being gay or lesbian. Now, we have fully accepted that some men fancy men, and some women fancy women, and some people are even bisexual. But I do wonder if we have come to terms with it. When I had lunch with my friends from London the other day, one of the girls said that not all people have come to terms with it. I think that is very true. We accepted that people have alternatives lives, but we have not come to terms with it. Is this why the alternatively sexed are having such a hard time?


London is one of the most open communities that I have ever lived, and I am glad that I am here. In many places around the world you can’t display your sexuality as easily and as openly as you can in London. I think that we are still learning how to fit in around each other here in London, but most people are doing a great job. We have so many different cultures living here so it is not always easy, but we can do. I think it is about time we considered the alternatively sexed as a different culture. Maybe that would help us at the end of the day.


Recently I said to my boss at London that we should have transgender escorts. A gent who meets up with me on a regular basis here at London said that he had dated  transgender man as a woman. They had just been out for a few drinks, but he said that he had really enjoyed her company. I asked him if he thought about her as a woman, and he said that he did. That really shows our changing attitudes to people who are alternatively sexed and I think that we should consider having a transgender escorts service here in London.

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