It’s too late to fix my marriage with a Rochester Escort



I never thought that my life could change, after the mistake I made. I was already lucky to have a woman for me. She was there when no one else did. She is always at my side to remind me that everything is going to be okay. Life is hard, but to have her in my life everything goes smooth and possible. She is my one and only, the love of my life. Love is the reason why we feel grateful to wake up each day. To make our life more beautiful and strive hard to become better. Many times we feel unwanted and rejects by the world, but its okay as long as we have one person that continuously love us. One person that won’t get tired of loving us. It is lovely to have someone to go through with us on our journey. You have a family to come home, and a wife to relieve the stress.


I was already lucky to have a beautiful wife and a loving mother to our children. She is one of a kind. She has gold of heart and long patience. I love her because she has wisdom in life and a full understanding. She assures me that I am her only love, she has been loyal and honest to me. All my life I dream to have a complete family. I don’t want to be like with my family before, broken and chaotic. I want to live peacefully and happily. But maybe I just did what I hated too. My dad has a mistress, and it made me frustrate him for all of my life. I promise not to look up to him as my father anymore. The time she left us, she cheated my mom, my respect for him has lost. I promise myself I will never be like him. I won’t hurt my family as much as he did. He did big damage to the family, and it was not easy to rebuild again. My mom has not moved on, she lost her mind and got ill. My siblings find their destiny too, and I lost contact with them. I don’t know how to feel at that moment; it was not the family I have a dream.


I met Jessica; she is a Rochester escort in London at I fell in love with her because she is sweet and lovely. Many men chased her, but she chooses me over them. I am so grateful for her; she had changed me a lot, I left my bad habits and began a new life. I decided to marry her; we had two children, she had stood her vows and take responsibility for the family. But I made a mistake, I slept with a woman, and she knew about it. It was only my first time but she never accept my apology anymore. She asked for divorced and very serious about it. No matter what I do, it’s too late to fix my marriage with a Rochester Escort


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