How to Look Good

It is important to look good when you are dating, says Mena from London  escorts Lots of girls who join escorts services in and around London think it is all about popping into work in the morning, but it is about a lot more than that. I always make sure that I look great but in order to look good, I do have to do a lot of preparation. It is not just a matter of turning up at your boudoir with a pair of sexy knickers and stilettos, there is a lot more to it than that. I take pride in my job, and that is why I do well at escorting.


London Escort Girls

London Escort Girls

One of the most important things an escort can do is to look after her figure. I spend hours in the gym, but I am make sure that I do the right kind of exercises. It is no good being into things like weight lifting and stuff like that. A couple of the girls here at London  escorts have tried but they keep bulking up muscle instead. Personally I am heavily focused on aerobic exercises and one of my favorite exercises is spinning. I attend about five spinning classes per week, and they really give me great legs.


Another type of exercise that I like as well is yoga. Yoga helps you build muscles, but at the same time you do not bulk up. When you do a lot of yoga, you get nice long muscles and I think that you can look totally amazing. There are some exercises in yoga which can really help you to focus on your looks, and I am seriously into things like the warrior poses. Quite a few of the girls here at London escorts do yoga.


When I am not at London  escorts, there are other things that I like doing as well. Walking is the other exercise that I really like, and I love to be outside in the fresh air. It is really good for your skin, and the damp weather here in England can massively help your skin as well. Since moving to the UK, and spending more time outside, I have noticed that I have got a lot better skin. It is like the air here in the UK is a natural moisturizer, and I think that it can do wonders for your skin.


Of course, you need to go and have facial and have your nails done as well. I think that most of the girls here at London  escorts appreciate that but sometimes you do have to tell newcomers. I don’t mind sharing advice and giving little beauty tips, and I kind of get a kick out of giving new girls advice. It is nice to feel that you are part of something and that you are helping towards the running of the agency. I am sure that a lot of the new girls do appreciate a bit of advice.


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