How to express Eroticism?

London escorts say that we express eroticism in many different ways. Here at the Better Sex offices we are interested in all topics on eroticism, and we asked a couple of London escorts to join us to discuss the matter. Could eroticism just be another language of the soul and body that we don’t as yet recognise?

Many London escorts say that it is a language, or form of expression, that we sometime use to express our dreams, desires and nightmares. Bondage for instance may be a way of expressing a nightmare or something that we are a bit scared of. At the end of the day, we know that watching a scary movie can be frightening but give us a slight frill at the same time.

There is little wonder when a  London escort says that eroticism is a different form of expression. Let’s take a look at the language of eroticism according to London escorts, and see what our panel of London escorts have to say about eroticism.


Eroticism has always been seen in art. How often have you walked around a museum and admired them many works of arts with nudes? If, you stop and think for a moment, you will appreciate that many of them can be seen as erotic.

But then again, art does not need to display nude imagery to be erotic. Have you ever seen the Mona Lisa? If, you haven’t, look her up on line and take a hard look. Is this not an erotic work of art? Look deep into those eyes, and look at the smile, what was this woman thinking of when Da Vinci painted her portrait?


Advertising is often an expression of eroticism. There are so many sexy adverts on TV, and next time you switch you TV on, count the amount of sexually “inspired” adverts. It doesn’t matter if you are selling cars or Maltesters, a bit of eroticism can go a long way to boost sales.

Even supermarkets use sex or eroticism to sell their foods, and Marks and Spencer certainly resort to eroticism when selling their lingerie. They can make a whole town dash out and buy hold-up stockings after showing them off in their Christmas adverts. Eroticism sells – it is as simple as that.


London escorts point out that the world if movies is full of eroticism, and it doesn’t have to be a porn movie. Just take a look at movies like 9 1/2 weeks and Moulin Rouge and you will find eroticism. Even the movie Titanic was erotic, who can forget the scene in the car with the steamed up windows and the hand coming up? You didn’t see much but it was certainly very erotic.

Once we start looking around we will realise that eroticism is everywhere. As soon as you open a magazine, you will probably come across eroticism. A sexy lady will be trying to sell you an

expensive perfume, and some even say that the new adverts for Dove shower cream are erotic. It is a lady taking a shower, rubbing herself down with lather and talking about her soft skin. Sounds pretty erotic and seductive to me. As a matter of fact, I might even go and buy myself some of that shower cream…

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