Greek born Bow escort Marina is worried about her family back home in Greece.

She would like to go back and see them but she is worried that she might not be able to return. All of her fellow Bow escorts really feel for her, and they know how much she misses her family. At the end of the day, it would be nice if she could go home for a while but what would happen if the Greek economy collapses, would she be able to find a flight back to the UK? This is a really difficult situation to be in.



Every month Marina sends half of her salary back to Greece. The Bow escorts agency from that Marina works for, knows that she does and they try to help her as much as possible. They make sure that she gets a bit of extra time off so that she can pop down to the bank and send the money back home to Greece. Her bosses also understand that she worries about her family all the time, and know that she even sends medication back to her family. Some basics such as pain killers are now even difficult to find in Greece.



Marina is not the only Greek born escorts who works in London, but she is the only one to work for a Bow escorts services. A lot of the Greek born escorts in the UK are planning to unit if the collapse happen, and will try to make some sort of special fund available for Greek people who will need help. It sounds very much like the entire country would fall into anarchy, and that is a very worrying fact. This means that the local Greek people would have to cope with blackouts and many other devastating problems of all kinds.



What would happen to children’s education? It sounds like the teachers have not been paid for a few months now, and they must be feeling the pinch. People cannot afford to exist on nothing and this is exactly what is happening in Greece at the moment. Bow escorts have been raising money for a little village school on the Greek island that Marina comes from, and that seems to have helped a little bit. The offices at the agency is full of Greek smiley faces, and most of them are young children from the school that the agency supports.



But how long can this continue? Immigrants are pouring into Greece, and shortly the country cannot be expected to look after its own citizens and the citizens of other countries. They will need to go home and solve their problems on their own home turf. Bow escorts really do appreciate that this is a really sad state of affairs, and they have tried to do as much as they can, but the problem keeps coming.



Marina says that she wishes that she had a magic wand to make it alright but she just doesn’t seem to be able to find it.

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