Forests Turns Me On

I love being in the forest, and sometimes I even take my favourite and most trusted London escorts for dates in the forest. Epping forest is the forest closest to my house. I grew up in the area, so I know Epping forest like the back of my hand. It is a nice place and I have had some fun in this forest together with both London escorts and former girlfriend.

A lot of the London escorts that I date, don’t like coming to Epping forest but I do have a couple of London escorts who like to follow me on my forest adventures. Well, we don’t really go on adventures but the London escorts who come with me to Epping forest get treated to a nice picnic. However, I have often told my favourite cheap London escorts about the kinky dream I had about two of my London escorts whilst visiting the forest on my own one day.

My Kinky Dream

I drove up to the forest late one evening for just some peace and quiet. Unfortunately, I fell asleep in my car but during my ” car nap” I had the most amazing dream.

I dreamed that two of my favourite London escorts, Angela and Suzi, had joined me on a trip to Epping forest. It was a very quiet day with not a lot of people around. I had set down my picnic rug and we had cracked open a bottle of Cava. Angela loves Cava, and before I knew it she had stripped off and started pouring the Cava down her generous cleavage.

I was sitting there watching the Cava trickle down Angela’s cleavage when she suddenly asked me to help her finish the bottle, I went to take the Cava bottle out of her hand but she said no. She placed my head at the bottom of the cleavage, and sat there in in only her black stockings. The Cava trickled down her cleavage and I drunk it straight off her body. I slowly started to lick her to finish off the Cava when she started to unzip.

Sitting half bent over Angela, she started to give me the most amazing blowjob, it was just fantastic. However, in my dream Suzi felt a bit left out and joined in on the action. Both girls are in real life bisexual, and I have always imagined them together. In my dream they did come together, and Suzi starting to give oral sex to Angela. Angela was moaning an groaning, and I did not know what to with myself. All of a sudden Suzi stopped and grabbed hold of me.

She invited me to make love to her right there and then, and Angela was watching. She followed every action but obviously felt left out. Suddenly she pulled out a vibrator out of Suzi bag and started to masturbate next to us. I was just about to come when I woke up.

It was the sexiest dream I have ever enjoyed and I must admit I woke up with my hand down my trousers.

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