For the love of petit escorts

It used to be hard to find a job as a petite escort in the UK. That has all changed and a lot of London escorts services are crying out for petite escorts from Most girls these days are a bit bigger and genuine petite girls are few and far in between. I have been working as a petite escort in London for the last two years, and I have been doing really well. I am not so sure that all petite girls do well, but I would imagine so. A lot of the agencies in central London are still looking for petite girls.

Petit Escorts in London

Petit Escorts in London

If you are petite and would like to work as a petite escort in London, I think that you should give it a chance. Most petite escorts in London earn more than other girls and you can do really well. I have probably earned a lot more money from being a petite girl than many of the other ladies who work for London escort services. As a matter of fact, you may find that some of the other escorts will become a bit jealous of you, and even try to make life a bit uncomfortable for you. Don’t let them bother you.

Your agency will always be keen for you to have as many regulars as possible. Over the years I have learned that petite escorts fill up their dating diaries much faster than other escorts. Some of the hottest duo dating girls in London would be envious if they say our dating diaries. I could actually work a lot more than I do but there is no way that I would have the energy to do so. The last time I tried to push my limits, I ended up getting really exhausted and had to take a long holiday.

I don’t know why so many gents who visit London prefer petite escorts but it seems that many of them do. Of course there are petite girls working in other places as well, but many gents seem to have a preference for petite girls from London. It does not seem to matter so much what nationality that you are – what matters is that you are good at dating, and that you are the right petite for the gents. Not all petites make it, but the truth is that most of them do. I would say that at least 98% petite escorts do well. and that is a lot better than other escorts.

Yes, there is still a certain amount of fallout. Some girls just experience escorting as hard work. But, petite escorts seem to be more persistent than other escorts, and they really stick to their jobs. They know what they are good at, and many even create complete fantasy worlds for their dates. I think that is the secret to being a good petite escort. You need to be able to create something which is not quite real. A little bit of something that dreams are made of, and I really think that this is what makes it work for many petite girls who are good at escorting gents.

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