Call Centres – modern day slavery

Before I started to work as a London escort, I worked in a call centre. They say there is not such a thing as slavery anymore, but I would not agree with that at all. Working in the call centre was brutal and many of the managers and directors were really horrible. It was a bit like they cracked a whip and expected you to jump ten feet in the air. When I got a chance, I started to look around and eventually end up working on the reception of a London escorts agency near me in London. I never thought that I would graduate to become part of a team of elite London escorts, but after a couple of months with agency, I felt that I was ready for a new challenge.

In the call centre, I often sat on my ass for hours on end. Most managers think that you are more productive that way. As a result, I had put on a bit of weight. I soon got a sense that working as a London escort may just be for me, so I started to exercise to get fit and sexy. Overall, I like the idea of working for London escorts. Most London escorts who had been with the agency for some time, made up their own hours and I guess that is one of the things that I really liked about the escort agency in London that I was working for.

When I worked in the call centre, all of the managers used to shout at you all of the time. They wanted you to go through those call lists super fast. On a couple of occasions, I ended up feeling super stressed and even had to take days off. That made it even worse. The managers then used to make you feel guilty for taking the time off. Since I have been working for London escorts, I have never felt stressed. Instead, I have had a lot of fun and I really enjoy the company of all of the men that I date at London escorts.

Also, I did not make a lot of money when I worked in the call centre. They told you that you would make a small fortune. However, the customers you contact have been called so many times that they are fed up with cold calling. After a couple of months, I realised that no one who worked in the call centre really made the kind of mind that they had been promised. I started to look around for another job. As I enjoyed working on the phone, I thought that working for charlotte action escorts on the reception would be perfect for me.

Most of the London escorts were really nice to me. It did not take me long to appreciate that working for London escorts means that you must have real people skills. One day, it hit me over the head that I could work as an escort myself. I asked my boss if I could have a go at escorting, and he said yes. I love what I am doing, and I don’t think that I am going to give up working for London escorts in a hurry. It is one of those jobs that I simply love and I have made some really nice friendships and companionships during my time with the escort agency.

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