All Ladies Are Beautiful Know That!

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It’s been often said that “Beauty comes from within.” Still, I’ve experienced firsthand that many times in our lives it is hard to truly feel beautiful. Today’s generation puts so much pressure on women when it comes to physical appearance. We find ourselves succumbing to unfair standards. Many believe that beauty can only be found within specific dress sizes. Society tries to tell us that we must wear makeup to genuinely be beautiful.


We see these gorgeous women in magazines: Beyoncé, Mila Kunis, and Taylor Swift. These standards cause us to forget the importance behind being content in our own skin. For those days when I do not feel at the top of my game, reminding myself of my three main reasons feeling beautiful is vital.


Feeling good about myself makes me feel beautiful. When I believe that I am beautiful, others seem to as well. Before I can be adored or respected by someone, I must respect and adore myself first. Princesses are always damsels in distress. When they learn their own worth and embrace that value is when they become queens.

Feeling beautiful will impact your relationships. Whether it’s a significant other or a friend; when we learn to carry ourselves in confidence and personal satisfaction, those around us will too. Remember that you never know who is watching you. Don’t think of those watching eyes as judgment. Think of them as motivation to always be at your best. When you are at your best you inspire others to be at theirs.


Most importantly, feeling beautiful will create a better you. When you chose to make your well-being a priority, your lifestyle shapes around your betterment. Slowly you will see other aspects of your life brighten as well. Beauty is so much more than what people see on the outside. Discovering a love for who you are as an individual will provoke you to alter your decisions in life. These decisions can be anything: fashion, eating habits, or even how you manage your time.


Never forget that all women are beautiful. It is their job to accept their beauty and carry it everywhere they go. There will be times when your hair doesn’t fall just right. There will be times where your eyebrows are crooked. There will be times when your favorite jeans don’t button. It is those times where you must dig deep and know no matter what you are beautiful.

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